Poolife Stabilizer & Conditioner (4 lb bag)

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Nothing goes together better than bright sunshine and a cool pool. But just like your skin, your chlorine needs to be protected from too much sunlight. Stabilizer & Conditioner does just that by raising the stabilizer (cyanuric acid) levels in your pool water and preventing chlorine loss.

  • Increases stabilizer levels in your pool water to keep chlorine intact so you can focus on fun
  • Protects pool water from sunlight and chlorine loss for clean, sparkling results that last
  • Test and balance pool water monthly to keep stabilizer levels between 20-50 ppm
  • Great for all pool sizes and types — refer to the convenient dosage chart included on the back of the package
  • Easy-to-use, so you can spend less time maintaining pool water and more time living your best pool life

Available size(s): 4 lbs.