Poolife NST Chlorine Floater

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Bring Cal Hypo to the pool party with this exclusive new floater! It’s designed for Poolife® NST® Prime Tablets but works with any tablet*. The patent pending micro-mesh design slowly dissolves Poolife® NST® Prime Tablets so you can enjoy visibly brilliant pool water that lasts longer—with no risk of chlorine lock.

  • The only floater made exclusively for NST® Prime Tablets—no risk of chlorine lock
  • Works most effectively with (4) Poolife® NST® Prime Tablets, but is compatible with all floater tablets*
  • The patent-pending micro-mesh design slowly dissolves Cal Hypo tablets so pool water stays brilliantly clear for longer
  • Made with durable, long-lasting UV-resistant material with easy twist locking cap—no dials or set up required
  • Treats up to 20,000-gallon pools for up to 10 days
  • Poolife® sanitizers and accessories are quick, convenient and easy-to-use so you can live your best pool life



*Never place Cal Hypo and Trichlor tablets in the floater at the same time.