Located and Manufactured in Utah, Bullfrog Spas are renowned for their innovation and quality in the realm of luxury hot tubs and relaxation. Whether seeking soothing relief for sore muscles or a tranquil escape from the stresses of daily life, Bullfrog Spas offer a blend of advanced technology, ergonomic design, and aesthetic appeal, creating a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation in the comfort of one’s own home.

BullFrog Spas Features

Less Plumbing = Efficient Design

The average hot tub contains 600 to 700 feet of plumbing.  A Bullfrog spa has less than 85.  Less plumbing means more jet power, better efficiency, and easier repair of your hot tub!


Every inch of plumbing and every pipe fitting or elbow is a source of friction as water travels from the pump to each jet, some of which are located on the opposite side of the hot tub.  This friction significantly reduces jet power and massage pressure.  Most hot tub manufacturers compensate for this inefficiency by using diverter valves and larger, less efficient motors.

JetPak Therapy System

Bullfrog Spas’ JetPak Therapy System lets you personalize your hot tub. Select between 17 unique JetPak massages, place the JetPak in the seat that’s most comfortable for you, and adjust the massage power to the way you like it.


Whether it’s your lower back, neck, spine, or shoulders, there’s a JetPak massage that targets your unique aches and pains.

Reliable Engineering

Your Bullfrog Spa is made in Utah with the highest quality parts and components. Because Bullfrog Spas are made with ABS frames and bases instead of wood or metal, there’s no risk of your spa rotting or rusting over time.


In addition, Bullfrog Spas’ advanced engineering removed unnecessary holes and plumbing to make your hot tub virtually leak proof.

Energy Efficiency

Bullfrog Spas are made with up to 90% less plumbing than conventional hot tubs. Less plumbing means less friction and less power loss.


Your spa also has full foam insulation and a tight fitting cover. You’ll save energy and money overtime compared to any other hot tub brand.

Simple Water Care

Bullfrog Spas have the option of 3 convenient water care systems to keep your spa water clean and clear.

  • Enhanced Ozone System (EOS O3™)
  • FROG® @ease®
  • WellSpring Circulation Pump

Your spa will require less cleaning and chemicals—saving you time and money. Speak with your local factory store to see which systems are right for you.

A Series BullFrog Spas

M Series BullFrog Spas

Swim Series BullFrog Spas